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Dental Vision and Hearing Insurance

Find an affordable way to cover routine care as well as the unexpected. Painful, inconvenient and expensive situations can make you miserable and exhaust your resources. Your family deserves the best coverage you can afford.

Equip yourself and your family to deal with unforeseen Dental, Vision, and Hearing expenses by enrolling in a plan today.

Manhattan Life Dental/Vision/Hearing

Choose your Dentist – no networks

  • Family rates (includes a maximum of 3 children)
  • Individual 18 – 85
  • $1,000 – $1,500 policy year benefit option available
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Guaranteed renewable for life

Moda Health – Delta Dental

For more than 58 years, we’ve been helping our members with innovative, evidence-based health plans, diverse networks, member programs and superb customer service.


LifeMap offers Dental and Vision coverage in Oregon, aiming to make the dentist experience a bit more tolerable. They provide their customers with dental plans that best meet their individual oral needs while enhancing each option with additional rewards as well.

Pacific Source Health Plans


With an 82-year history and reputation for taking great care of people, PacificSource Health Plans delivers healthcare solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the Northwest. PacificSource is an independent, not-for-profit community health plan that values partnership, service excellence, community, and personal relationships.


Providence offers a dental plan in addition to their health plans. You must be enrolled in their health plan to be eligible for their dental plans.

Providence Progressive Dental provides comprehensive benefits that promote good health with coverage for preventive care, such as X-rays and cleanings. Basic and major services, including extractions, crowns and dentures, are also covered. Through the plan, members have access to more than 2,300 in-network dental provider listings in Oregon and southwest Washington, and more than 270,000 in-network provider listings nationwide. To search for a dentist, visit

With the Providence Progressive Dental plan, you get:

  • Progressive benefits reward proper dental care by reducing your costs in subsequent years of service.
  • You may be treated by any licensed in-network dentist. There are no out-of-network benefits.
  • No waiting periods for dental coverage.
  • In-network diagnostic and preventive care services such as exams, cleanings and X-rays are covered in full. You are also covered for more extensive services including root canals, crowns, bridges and dentures.
  • Rate: $32 per member per month.

Progressive Dental Plan Summary

United Commercial Travelers

Why are Dental & Vision insurance important to you?

UCT understands that with rising healthcare costs, employees are dealing with reduced health benefits, loss of health benefits completely or they have to cover the entire amount to keep their health benefits. Basic Medicare does not cover dental, vision or hearing expenses.

From big businesses to the self-employed to retired individuals, we are all feeling the effects of these rising costs. UCT knows the importance of dental, vision and hearing care and the impact these have on a person’s overall health.

VSP Vision Insurance

Look into VSP. Simple to enroll, easy to use. Talk to your broker today about affordable individual vision insurance.

Base Plan Brochure
Easy Options Plan Brochure

Willamette Dental Group

Willamette Dental Group provides affordable and accessible dental care throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. For over 45 years they have been serving their clients to a lifetime of oral care and support. They pride themselves on being simple and straightforward for their clients benefit while maintaining high quality services.

ProCare Plan Brochure and Enrollment Form

Truecare Plan Brochure and Enrollment Form


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